GSI Ceramica
Ceramic elements italian made

A new seat & cover with an innovative installation system.

The new “Quick-Release” system is distinguished by the simplicity with which
it allows to pull out the seat & cover in a simple way and without the use
of any kind of tool.

Simply pull the seat & cover up using a sufficient force for its removal.
This will make it possible to clean the toilet seat and even the wc in areas
that are usually difficult to reach, granting a major hygiene.

Repositioning the seat & cover is as simple; once placed on the hinges,
it will be will be sufficient to employ a relatively weak pressure.

Matching up with the SoftClose system, the GSI seat & covers reach levels
of efficiency and comfort never reached before.

The “SoftClose” system predisposes the seat & cover for a slow closing.
This will prevent accidental falls and violent closures of the seat & cover,
preventing damages.


QuickRelease attributes:

Quality: The GSI toilet seats are made from the best materials, ensuring a long resistance, maintaining its own characteristics of colour and brightness over time. Available in different finishes and with SoftClose or standard closure

Efficiency: Tested products and easy to use. The seat & cover can be easilhremoved without the use of any kind of tool.

Hygiene: Designed to simplify the cleaning operations: after removing the seat & cover, all areas are easily accessible.

Comfort: The SoftClose system prevents accidental closing of the seat & cover providing comfort and avoiding damages.


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